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Official representation of the Beko brand in social media

Strategy and management


February 3, 2018



Project type

SMM promotion
Beko is one of the most recognized companies on the Russian market of home appliances. Besides, this is the brand with a long history – Beko entered the Russian market in 1997.

A tough task was set in front of the AFT company – to relaunch brand communication in Russia, using social marketing as the main channel for improving brand recognition.


The solution of the set task was to “reload” brand pages in social media, create a new approach to users, change the content structure to get as much audience engagement as possible in 6 most popular social networks of the Russian Internet.

The steps of the project:

– Social groups branding
– Strategy development
– Running of advertising campaigns
– Moderation and managing of the social groups

Main idea

Today in Russia a lot of children suffer diseases connected with overweight. Considering the FIFA World Cup coming to Russia, many children want to become football players. “Beko” company, FC “Barcelona” and Russian sportsmen launched a social initiative called #питайсякакпрофи [“eat like a pro”] to explain the younger generation why healthy eating and correct diet play such an important role in sport.

This idea became the main message in social media campaigns in 2018.

When developing content for reaching out to public, we emphasized its usefulness and attractiveness and paid a special attention to the format of information representation.

The main concept was warmly accepted by a wide audience. We filled it with an idea of obvious benefits of healthy eating while the new format helped us link public opinion about a healthy lifestyle with Beko appliances.

As a result, total audience of the official pages of Beko Russia in social media during the campaign comprised more than 45,000,000 views.