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Long-term training incentive programs for salesmen

Development of non-templated incentive and training program for salespersons integrated on a mobile and online platform.

Sales growth of your products online for up to 30%.

What is a long-term incentive program?

A long-term incentive program is a marketing mix for sales increase of the company and increase of loyalty to its brands among the salespersons of multibrand retailers.

Center of the long-term incentive program is a mobile app or a special educational online portal where the user learns and takes part in competitions. The participants receive virtual currency for registration of their purchases or sells and for being active; this money can be exchanged for valuable prizes.

Incentive program of the vendor may be used by:

  • Salespersons, representatives, merchandisers of the company
  • Dealers and their staff.

Why do long-term incentive programs give results?

Sales depend on a range of factors, such as quality of the products, their uniqueness, current demand, smart marketing campaign and competency of the employees.

The last factor should be placed on the first place because mistakes of the chain store salesmen, supervisors, regional representatives and sales department employees may become the only reason for slow merchandise turnover.

We offer you a tool that lets you increase sales by accomplishing a set of marketing activities. The right incentive of the salesmen is the basis of the program.

Center of the long-term incentive program is represented in the form of educational online portal and a mobile app for salesmen and other sales experts.

The participant of the program takes a remote learning course, takes part in interactive competitions, earns virtual money for successful sales that may be exchanged for valuable prizes.

As a result, the trainee gains first-class skills in sales; he or she is motivated to achieve his or her goal because he or she is dedicated to the company; and your sales system works like a charm – accurately and smoothly – and provides up to 30% of the sales within the program duration.

This method is more effective than the classical full-time or part-time learning. Full-time learning is mostly academic, so it has a small coverage when it comes to practice.

Part-time learning is worse than remote learning because it has lower level of engagement. If we speak about simple motivation for selling, then this approach is not as good as you may think because the salespersons start searching for other places where they will have better bonuses for “clean sales”.

Our programs are distinguished by a synergy of knowledge and motivation through gaming mechanics which allows you to spark interest among “students”, evaluate their engagement level, know their true knowledge level and sales results. This approach is especially important and efficient when training the so-called millennials.

Incentive program tasks:
  • Inspire product sales.
  • Manage consumer behavior.
  • Increase loyalty level to the company and its products among salesmen.
  • Motivate salesmen to recommend products of the company in multibrand shops.
  • Inform salesmen about latest products, trends and key differences from competitors.
  • Provide with feedback from salesmen.
  • Lower costs for salesmen and assistants training.
  • Minimize costs for data gathering, statistics acquiring, target audience interviews.
  • Increase knowledge level of the salesmen about the products.
Advantages and specifics of our programs:
  • The program includes CRM tracking system for monitoring salesmen success, giving insight into the training process, motivation, sales and other activities.
  • With the help of a special mobile app salesmen can join the program anywhere anytime.
  • The participants register their sales in the mobile app and earn prizes.
  • League system even odds among newcomers and experienced sellers while the latter can gain more valuable prizes.
  • Edutainment, online tests, webinars. Interactive training courses in the SCORM format with intermediate assessment.
  • Gamification: ratings, badges, competitive games with educatory mechanics such as strategies, arcades, puzzles etc.
  • Creating of loyal recommendatory community. Convenient conditions are created for communication between participants and engaging colleagues into the program.
Unconventional approach guarantees desired outcome.

Control human factor and motivate salespersons to work for the common goal.

Integrate incentive programs into your marketing strategy and get results – up to 30% of sales increase.

We do not offer you templated money incentives that the employees get quickly accustomed to and take for granted.

We offer you a way to learn how to attract experienced and smart employees, teach them the corporate workstyle and effective sales methods and keep them in the company by increasing their devotion to its ideas.

We offer you:

Non-templated scenarios and unconventional incentive mechanics.

We are highly experienced in developing competition mechanics and optimization of the prize fund that allows you to achieve high results in incentive campaigns. We will protect your program from promohunters and frauds.


We create simulated situations that imitate real conditions and let your salesmen gain useful knowledge and skills while having fun. Thus, the participant of the program gets the viable alternative to what he or she usually does in his or her free time.

Individual approach

Our solutions are not only different from those of our competitors, but they are also unique in our own arsenal of solutions because they are developed according to each client’s needs.

Program participant commitment.

We offer various creative contests, interesting systems of users scale, participation in leagues and so on; all this engages the participants into the process and keeps him or her within the system until the end of the program.

You don’t need marketing budget war anymore!

Any company needs valuable employees with enough knowledge, up-to-date skills and professional experience. Marketing program budgets grow but the result disappoints.

How do you spark interest among experienced staff, guarantee high sales and company profit?

How do you make it happen so the salesmen recommend your product in the multibrand store and do that willingly?

We know answers to these questions!

Forget about competing for marketing budgets with your competitors. Target your own salesmen to motivate them.

Our long-term incentive program is necessary when:

  • Standard incentives stop working.
  • There are too many brands, and successful salesmen start searching for more promotions on the job market.
  • A company needs to arrange employee training in its chain retailers all over Russia.
  • Classroom training is too expensive.
  • Training had to be regular because of employee turnover.
  • Frequent change of product lines that requires constant training of the salespersons.

Examples of our incentive programs: – An educational portal for the community of Polymedia products users.


To increase popularity of interactive boards and digital laboratories in teaching sphere. To enhance recommendations to buy the equipment. To bring the audience into communication with the brand.


To develop incentive educational portal for teachers where they will have the opportunity to exchange content for interactive boards.
To inspire teachers to create content in the form of contests and gamification.
To create a comfortable environment with elements of social network for teachers to communicate.


+3 years of successful cooperation
+45,000 teacher take part in the program
+7,500 lessons were created by the portal users
The best social project of 2015 in the “Education and science” category is a long-term incentive and educational program for salespersons of LG home appliances.

LGMaster was born in the epoch of ruthless competition and the age of progress of clip consciousness. On the one hand LG company had to convey new information to retail salesmen about their products; on the other hand, they had to do it simply and stylishly without making young generation of short YouTube videos bored. But how can you distract bored Hermes from social media? The answer is – by entertaining him!

LGMaster portal advantages:

– System of remote learning
– Game mechanics
– Competitiveness of the educative process based on rating
– Cool prizes
– Opportunity to communicate with colleagues all over Russia.

Now experienced salesmen from all corners of the country are ready to meet on the LGMaster arena to find out who will win the precious prizes of the portal. And someone came here for new friends and money for their mobile services earned for completing one-time but regular campaigns.

The portal solves the issues of forming true loyalty to LG brand among field and sales team.

Work with the audience and material handling encourage correct brand positioning, forming of corresponding values of the brand among sales staff. is an incentive program for salespersons of LG mobile phones. is a modern incentive tool that stimulates to sell more, know LG products better and increase loyalty level among sales staff. What can be better for manufacturers of up-to-date gadgets that want to reinforce their positions on a highly competitive retail market?

The new portal consists of 4 main sections that are awash with tips and motivation:

– lovely product catalogue with a very useful service of “comparing phone models with competitors”;
– the main educational section with interactive clips, contests, tests, casual games and even the opportunity to get a certificate confirming knowing of LG phone range;
– entertaining section where two systems of participants rating are shown: one based on points gathered during training, and the other – based on points gathered during participation in entertaining online events;
– communication and hanging out section – blogs, forums.

The main shtick of the project is an Android-based mobile phone application which is the best solution for constantly busy and hurrying somewhere “mobile phone salesmen”. The app is connected with the website and allows you to pass tests or look for an information about the latest LG products while you’re stuck in the traffic jam, bored at the university lecture or in between servicing customers. is an educational and training portal for Lenovo appliance salespersons.

We all make purchase decision at some moment and it’s no secret that this decision is often influenced by an expert advice, especially if we’re speaking about a high-tech segment such as laptops, tablets, smartphones.

It’s also no secret that an expert advice comes from the salesperson’s knowledge. But where to gain it if full-time trainings of the brand representatives are not available for everyone and intercorporate training online takes place too seldom?

The portal that was created specifically for increasing sales assistants’ skills answers this question.

This portal solves one more case: it is an incentive program that encourages salespersons and their activity. Teaching and contest units were created specifically for that purpose.

Moreover, salespersons may easily check their knowledge in the test section.

Valuable prizes are available for the most successful learners. Certificates and branded souvenirs are available for everyone.

In order to generate brand loyalty, it is important to have a platform where salespersons can ask their questions openly and directly, learn brand strategy nuances from the management of the company itself, find out about technical peculiarities of the devices and information about new products that are not on the shelves yet.

Interactive presentations, perfect sales dialogues, access to webinars and technical vocabulary – all these things help salespersons easier navigate through various models and recommend the right Lenovo product to the consumer! is an engineering support portal for the clients and salespersons of “Avgust” company.

Avgust is the largest Russian manufacturer and supplier of the chemical crop protection agents for agricultural farms and individual farmers. All-round technical client support lies in the philosophy of the company.

If you bought a complex chemical agent from Avgust you will never be left one-on-one with its user manual. A whole army of experts, technicians and other agricultural specialists will help you use the product to get the best results, share their experience in beating pests and increasing harvest, tell you more about experiment results. All this is possible within an online technical client support project called designed specifically for this purpose. In other words, kudos to an online field where any interested farmer will find useful information about increasing volumes and quality of his or her crops.


5+ years of successful cooperation.
3000+ experts take part in the program.
650+ annual reports on the results of the company product using.
90+ fields take part in the program of the best agricultural practices.

Mobile app for educational and incentive programs:

LenovoProfi mobile app

LenovoProfi is an app where you can find the latest information about products and technologies of the Lenovo company and easily increase your skill level.

LGSeminar mobile app/div>

The application contains data on all LG smartphone line-up on the Russian market: technical data, specifications, promotional videos as well as training courses with tests for LG promoters and salespersons.

About us:

Since 2007, AFT Digital has been an expert in developing and supporting incentive programs for salespersons and distributors.

According to annual “Runet rating”, we took the first place in the sphere of education and training for large companies in 2018, 2016, 2015, and 2014.

Considering how popular incentive programs are, we have segmented this course into a separate brand called BrandRecommend.