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SMM and reputational marketing

SMM promotion is an important tool of strategic development of business. It’s a broad range of marketing activities in social media directed to brand promotion.

90% of the Internet users use social media. This is the place where you can easily find your target audience and increase the number of loyal users based on close connections with your current and future customers. We know how to develop and implement an efficient promotion strategy and we will help your business to achieve its goals.

What we do

1. Promotion strategy development

We thoroughly research your product, define the most promising grounds, analyze interests of your target audience and competitive environment. We develop promotion strategy with a step-by-step work plan.

2. Analytics

We select necessary SMM metrics, build achievable goals and develop a working model of result evaluation. We give you a detailed report on statistics of community visits, profitability of your promotional campaigns and other activities.

3. Social media groups creation

We make a full cycle of works to launch your community in social media.

4. Community management

We regularly create and post unique, useful, and engaging content softly adding marketing information to it. We hold photoshoots and online streams, develop contests and campaigns.

5. Communication marketing

We build appropriate and unobtrusive dialogue between the brand and its consumers. We enhance loyalty of your current and potential customers, analyze feedback from users, and handle all negative issues.

6. Mentions monitoring

We monitor your company’s reputation and always know what customers think about your brand.

7. Targeted advertising in social media

We study your audience behavior and, using smartly planned advertising campaigns, attract the users who are really interested in your community.

8. Reputational marketing

We find negative feedbacks and comments that may take a toll on your brand’s image. We form, protect, and support your company’s reputation.

9. E-shop creation in social media

We monetize your audience.

What you will get

Brand awareness increase

You will receive a branded content that shows its value and product or company benefits to the target audience.

Customer loyalty

Active followers become your patrons.

Sales growth

Eventually, a long-term effect from social media due to constant attraction of new users.

Service transparency

We prepare all reports on quantity and quality metrics of active users and data on conversions into targeted activities at your website.

Work steps

1. Brief filling

We get acquainted with the specifics of your business, discuss competitive strengths. We define goals and objectives that must be addressed by social media.

2. Development of social media promotion strategy

We do a research: we analyze target audience, study your competitors, and develop promotion strategy.

3. Your personal account manager

After the strategy has been approved, you are assigned with your personal manger who will curate all works and activities of various specialists.

4. Launch of advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns will increase the number of group members and attract target audience from social media to your website.

5. Reporting

You regularly receive reports on work accomplished.

Our team

Account manager

Communication with the client, handling of financial and legal matters.


Competitive environment, business analysis; development of social media promotion strategy.

SMM expert

Implementation of social media promotion strategy; goal setting and control; reporting and statistics.

Target audience manager

Media plan preparation and advertising campaigns management.


Preparation of content, contests, and activities.


Preparation of graphics for posts, ads, and group layouts.

Community manager

Communication with the audience, negative matters handling.

Our cases

Beko – official representation of the Beko brand in social media.


A tough task was set in front of the AFT company – to relaunch brand communication in Russia, using social marketing as the main channel for improving brand recognition.


The solution of the set task was to “reload” brand pages in social media, create a new approach to users, change the content structure to get as much audience engagement as possible in 6 most popular social networks of the Russian Internet.
The steps of the project:
– Social groups branding
– Strategy development
– Running of advertising campaigns
– Moderation and managing of the social groups


As a result, total audience of the official pages of Beko Russia in social media during the campaign comprised more than 45,000,000 views.
200,000 subscribers
500,000 responses
12% is the average engagement ratio.