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We create Android and iOS apps

Development and design of mobile applications.

Today, people use mobile phones much oftener than their PCs. Mobile phone turned into personal item and information system. We never part with our smartphone – it’s our way of communicating with friends, our guide, camera, and even companion.

To be closer to your clients is the job of any business, and today being closer means being in your client’s smartphone. This is why your own mobile app is the most important part of any serious business.

We are professionals in mobile apps development for Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems as well as backend systems for mobile apps management.

The mobile apps that we have developed are not just monoliths impossible to be modified. They are software products built with three-level architecture of the client server and you can add changes to their content and logics that will be available to your clients in real time.

We carry out full cycle of development based on product management methods:

1. Analytics gathering, competitor analysis
2. Writing of user stories
3. Depth interviewing
4. Hypothesizing and testing of hypotheses
5. Identifying of project success metrics (ROI, Retention, ARPU,AOV , LTV, CPI)
6. Functions prioritization
7. Story mapping by components
8. Risk analysis
9. Prototype development and validation
10. MVP development
11. User interface development
12. Functions programming
13. MVP alpha and beta testing
14. Release management
15. Gathering and processing of feedbacks
16. Mobile app promotion
17. Mobile app technical support
18. App clients technical support
19. App improvement

We develop different mobile apps according to different methods, such as Waterfall, Scrum, Cycle, depending on the desired lifecycle of the product.

Our cases

Avgust is an Android and iOS app of the largest Russian manufacturer and retailer of the crop protection chemicals for agricultural industry as well as for the owners of the private plots and farmers.

The app includes:

23,380 pages of data and 3,356 images, including:

– a list of the “Avgust” agents for use in the Russian Federation and recommendations for their use;
– crop protection systems;
– a catalogue of harmful objects: pests, diseases, weeds;
– tool kits: a calculator for the order of mixing the agents and a calculator for nozzles;
– new issues and the archive of the “Avgust Field” newspaper;
– contacts of representatives and distributors of the company within Russia.

LenovoProfi is an Android app for long-term incentive and training program for salespersons of Lenovo company.

The app includes:

Information about new models, interactive courses, dialogues with buyers. Tests and attestation, approved certificates. Online games, creative contests, communication in the community of professionals. Regular awards and prizes for all participants, premium events as well as rating for salesmen.

LGMaster is an Android app for the LG Electronics training program.

The app includes:

Using LGMaster mobile app, LG company successfully solves tasks of controlling retained knowledge level concerning their products among field staff, organizes employees to check them for competency, keeps mid-level managers up while minimizing quality losses of business processes that may happen because of peculiarities of wide geography.