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We create sites of any complexity

Since 2001 the AFT Digital has been focusing on strategy development and clients’ businesses promotion on the Internet.

Our approach is not just to create a high-tech solution but to hold a full range of marketing events focused on business efficiency (profitability, profit margin) improvement of the client’s business online.

Types of sites:

Website is the main tool of business management on the Internet. We create sites of any complexity, from standard business card websites to complex web portals.

– Promotional site

– Corporate site

– Information portal

– E-commerce site

We are fully aware that site development is not the final goal of online business management. Website will not work by itself; it must be handled to make it deliver results. After all, a website is not just a virtual business card but also a powerful tool of business management for customer acquisition, raising public awareness about the company, and finally, increase in profits!

To make your site pay off you need to make sure all the chain links function the right way, starting from site creation to site promotion. Only experts in this sphere can guarantee you that.

Website is an advertising material that will bring success when used the right way, just as with any marketing tool. Our main task is not just to create a website but to achieve the goal the site creation is meant for: be it either customer acquisition, brand loyalty increase or growth of profits for our partners.

Our business process

To create big corporate websites, we use the system that is an absolute leader on the content management system market – 1C-Bitrix. We are 1C-Bitrix Gold Qualified Partner.