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Website promotion on Yandex and Google

Website promotion on Yandex and Google

Website promotion in search systems (also known as SEO = Search Engine optimization) is a set of measures focused on making your website as close to the top of the search systems list as possible and, consequently, increasing your website traffic with users who came from these search engines.

Why are top positions in search results so important?

  • Search engines are the main sources of website traffic.
    Nowadays, 9 of 10 Internet users use search engines to find goods and services. Besides, search engines bring more than 50% of all users to corporate sites directly from search results. That’s why if your website is not in the search results it stays out of reach of the absolute majority of your potential clients.
  • It is important for your website to stand out in search results.
    Most users view only the first page of the search. The search engine displays only 10 links to the sites as well as advertisements which is enough to meet the most users’ needs. So, if your website is in the top ten it gets its share of transfers; otherwise, it’s safe to say it will never be found by anyone.

What search engines are the most popular in Russia?

Search engines statistics says that the leader among search engines in Russia is Yandex (57.46% as of December 2015). Google takes the second place (35.27%) with its share constantly growing. Other search engines (such as, Rambler, Bing) share the rest of the market.

This is why we focus mainly on Yandex and Google when we offer search engine optimization services.

What are your benefits from SEO?
  • Revenue and profit increase
    Effective promotion – that is, a significant source of additional income and profit for your company.
  • Increase in number of calls and requests; increase in product demand
    High level of interest and motivation of the users will lead to a higher number of customers and increase in demand for your products and services.
  • The best potential customer reach in search results
    Achievement of top positions on the page of search results will let potential clients easily find your website.
  • More effective use of budget and reduce of client cost
    Costs of customer acquisition from search engines are lower than those from other sources. Website promotion will provide as best return of invested assets as possible.
  • Sanction risk reduction on the part of the search engines
    By ordering SEO services from our experts, you make long-term investments into development and quality of your website.
Modern-day SEO anatomy

Today, methods that were used for website promotion have become hopelessly obsolete. They are not only ineffective in bringing positive results but may become a reason of penalties imposed on your site by search engines and, consequently, its disappearance from search results.

Today, in order to provide stable and effective SEO, you must find answers to the following questions:

  • How timely is it to buy links and what should I do with those links that have been already bought (including the so-called “permanent”)?
  • Is it compulsory to show prices for my products and services on my website?
  • Are advanced features or additional sections that the competing website is offering the reason why it is located higher in the search results?
  • How much does your website matches the “high-quality website” definition in the eyes of the search engines?

SEM – more than just SEO

Let’s be honest: to increase the number of users attracted to your website is a necessary task, but not the only one.

It is important to understand efficiency of different marketing tools such as SEO, contextual advertising or placing of banners on industry platforms. It is important to know not only how many users were attracted from each source but also how many of them did what you expected them to do (like, viewed the contacts page, sent a request or called to your office) and what their actions cost you in view of each of these sources. The next step is conversion optimization which is a set of actions focused on efficiency increase of both advertising channels and the website itself.

At this stage you will need answers to such questions as:

  • Did the attracted users find information, product or service they were looking for?
  • Are they happy with functions, usability and navigation offered on your website?
  • How many calls from contextual ad or banner have you got this month and what is their cost as compared to other sources?
  • Is it possible to double the number of orders without increasing your budget?
  • How can you readdress potential customers who visited your website but didn’t buy anything?

Eventually, to evaluate and subsequently improve efficiency of its online marketing, a company needs a comprehensive approach (SEM, or Search Engine Marketing) that includes identifying of certain priorities and goals, developing of promotion strategy and organizing of cyclic operations for data gathering, analytics, design and recommendations implementation control with subsequent evaluation of how these works influenced goal achievement. At that, such data as conversion (CR), cost per action (CPA), and cost per lead (CPL) are used as KPI.

What we do to promote successfully

1. Preliminary work

Understanding of goals and tasks of your business as well as its context, level of competition and original requirements for websites in your industry. Expedited audit of your site. Selecting and agreeing on keywords (“semantic kennel”) for optimization. Preparing and signing the agreement.

2. Basic optimization and keywords optimization

Comprehensive website audit. Development of optimization strategy and detailed recommendations on making the site consistent with requirements of search engine algorithms: bug fixes, structure optimization, optimization of separate pages and their elements, texts. Analysis and management of link mass. Optimization of contextual ads according to optimization goals.

3. Advanced technical optimization and work with external factors

Iterative analysis of results of implemented changes in response to update of search engines algorithms and corrections. Development of interlinking scheme. SEO copywriting for the pages being promoted. Quarterly expedited audit for error and technical problems detection. Website reputation accumulation, search of high-quality resources, and placement of limited number of hashtags. Website registration in regional and subject catalogues.

4. Website improvement, expansion of functions, user loyalty level increasing

Competitor sites analysis. Development of recommendations on website design and custom programming, structure optimization and types of landing pages. Development of prototypes of the promotional pages. Analysis of user behavior. Development of recommendations on troubleshooting and loyalty improvement.

5. Conversion analysis and optimization

Prioritization and setting of desired actions that will be carried out to monitor and optimize conversions. Call tracking implementation and management. Carrying out of usability audit and split tests. Development of recommendations on conversion improvement, improvement of users’ trust, websites’ ease of use.

6. SEO efficacy evaluation, reports preparation

Progress evaluation. Analysis of changes in algorithms and search engine requirements, optimization of SEO strategy. Recommendations implementation control. Daily positions gathering and technical monitoring of availability of promo pages. Monthly working plan preparation. Report preparation about website positions, traffic, jobs that have been done, spent hours and money; extended reports about traffic and conversions.

Prices and work scope

Examples of results of our work

1. Number of keywords dynamics that drive the website to top 10 or top 20 in Yandex search engine.

2. Attracted traffic dynamics (increase in the number of site visits from the search engines).

3. Website position dynamics by days and keywords.

Why us?

– Our experience and competency work for you

Over the years we have gained a huge experience and understanding of SEO services in various industry and subject niches of both b2b and b2c directions. Our experts are constantly improving. Regular management and project system control were implemented in our company.

– Only “white” methods of optimization!

We do not rely on links purchase, neither do we “churn” behavioral factors or any other methods that could compromise our website in search engines and result in penalties. If your site has been punished, we know what to do.

– Transparency in the agreement and reports

Our terms of work do not contain any hidden payment; budgeting for site promotion is transparent and fixed in the agreement. Before starting to work, we prepare a detailed plan and approve all nuances with the client. Every month you receive detailed reports on the project.

– Price depends on results

SEO and SEM budgeting depends on the achieved results, be it either positioning of the site in top ten search results or traffic increase. The agreement contains such condition

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