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Modern-day consumers prefer buying products/services online, using the most accessible and comfortable platform. 1C integration of your website allows your company to expand an efficient e-commerce site in the shortest time possible, manage it conveniently, and, consequently, increase your company sales on the Internet.

Bidirectional integration of “1C-Bitrix: Site Management” and “1C: Enterprise” systems allows your company to have the following competitive opportunities:

  • upload product portfolio and pricelist from 1C to the site catalogue;
  • send e-shop orders to be processed in 1C;
  • inform clients about their order status by showing it in their profiles;
  • automatically update e-shop data (products/prices/stocks);
  • keep data safe in 1C.

1C site integration provided by the AFT company is a ready-made comprehensive business solution that is able to expand your company’s commercial potential to its full extent. We are ready to arrange a smart and efficient platform for you to sell your products online while meeting all your needs. The following advantages speak to our favor:

  • our gold status of the “1C-Bitrix” certified partner;
  • high quality of our finished project for our clients.

Functional capabilities for 1C site integration provided by our company.

1. Publication of your product offerings on the site allows you to:

  • upload product portfolio (with sections/subsections, prices of the catalogue divided by sections, product characteristics and images, stocks) to your website;
  • upload only those articles that were changed or updated after the latest upload;
  • find sections for uploading different groups of products;
  • indicate the process of uploading and control errors in 1C;
  • schedule uploads according to specific time you have chosen.

Possible options for selling:

  • Full process of managing and controlling product catalogue takes place in “1C: Trade Office” program.

“1C: Trade Office” system allows you to fully manage your products, prices and pricelists, descriptions (characteristics, images). Your website structurally repeats the guides of the selected sections and provides users with data in a pre-set template design.

  • Cooperative control over the product catalogue in both 1C and on your website.

In ‘1C: Trade Office” system you can manage your:

  • stock items,
  • prices and pricelists.

The following functions are available in “1C-Bitrix: Site Management”:

  • defining of product catalogue structure (the structure may not match the stock guide);
  • listing of short/detailed product description;
  • listing of product reviews if necessary and their anchoring to the catalogue positions;
  • assignment of certain features to the product groups and their management.

The model differs by its flexibility and gives your company the following advantages: an opportunity to reduce the amount of transmitted data and increase their upload speed as well as to make managing of product descriptions as easy as possible and get access to various tools (visual editor, rights control, connection to site objects and other capabilities).

2. Order processing in your e-shop allows you to:

  • send full information about finished orders from your site to 1C;
  • setup conditions for sending orders to 1C in detail;
  • send all data about the order to 1C (order content, billing/delivery information, status and more);
  • an opportunity to return data about the order to the site in case it was changed in 1C;
  • schedule exchange sessions according to specific time you have chosen.

Possible options for selling

  • Order processing is done on the e-shop website.

All work with the order takes place in “1C-Bitrix: Site Management”. Order status is displayed in the corresponding statuses after a certain condition is satisfied (like payment, delivery or other). After the final step of the processing the order is transferred to 1C.

  • Order processing of the e-shop orders takes place in 1C.

When a user orders a product in your e-shop, this information is transferred to 1C where all work steps of the order processing take place. The final results of the order processing steps will change its status according to certain events and the buyer can see them in his or her account.

  • Mixed option of the order processing.

The model can provide an optimal combined scheme in which some operations are carried out on the site while the other part is done in 1C. For example, you can arrange partial order processing on the site and then send the order to 1C only after it gains certain status, or you can process different orders differently according to the payment methods.

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